A Solution to Many VFX Issues

VFX Roto can be sometimes described as a knot ball of full problems. I believe many of the problems are caused by the combination of underbidding and aggressive scheduling. While I am not qualified to change the economics or timing of the industry, I offer one idea that VFX Studios can implement and gain benefits

A Deeper Dive into the Issues of VFX and the VFX Roto Industry

Let’s unravel these issues!

What are the biggest issues affecting the VFX Roto community?

VFX projects are low revenue, have high expectations, and deliver quickly. Within these conditions. I believe the three biggest issues of VFX Roto are: By starting with an understanding of these big issues, then the content of this site will make greater sense. If you want to go into detail on these issues, check out


VFX Rotoscoping is often explained as “just tracing an object in video or film.” But there’s way more to it. Roto is a job, a craft, a product, and a community of people contributing to the larger mission of entertaining audiences using visual effects.This space is dedicated to the people who spend their days in